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Monday, September 5, 2011

WRWC at EPA OSV Bold "Open Boat" day

While hot and humid on Sunday, many people visited the OSV Bold.  Guests to the WRWC table received fun stickers, Iams dog bones, and doggie waste baggies for pledging to pick up after their pet!
Lots of new hands were added to the 'Just One Hand' board, with more than 40 new pledges collected by day's end.

We were welcomed aboard in the truest of gracious hosting.  Chef Amanda knocked out a luncheon buffet to suit all dietary requirements, and her dessert table--complete with tartlets and cheesecakes and cupcakes--was scrumptious!

The 'Sediment Profile Imaging System'.  This instrument cuts through the sediment bottom and takes pictures of the cross sections.  This allows for better observation of the different types of bottom substrate and organisms that live in the sediment.

Chief Scientist Jeannie Brochi, a biologist and diver on the OSV Bold, talks about the instrument that collects water quality data.  Two bottles can be seen in this picture, but many more can be held, allowing for sampling at different depths of the ocean.  Sure does make the WRWC's meters look pretty meager!

Great research labs with great posters! 

...and oceanic creatures!

"Watchstanders" are those who keep watch of the bridge and machinery on a round-the-clock basis...all part of safe navigation! 

EPA OSV (Ocean Survey Vessel) Bold's Captain Jere Chamberlain provided lots of fun for the kids who toured the vessel, with nearly each child getting a chance to pull the horn!  Yup, e-a-c-h child....  

Longitudinal and latitudinal lines over the Atlantic Ocean...

Inflatables...a necessity, of course...

Great ship, and spotless to boot!  Picture taken from EPA online

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