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Friday, July 29, 2011

VRAP Sampling - July 28, 2011

With a new set of sites to sample (for a total of nine to date), volunteers set out early Thursday morning to conduct water quality testing on the Winnicut River and one of its tributaries.  All general parameters were tested, as were nutrients and bacteria.  It was a beautiful, clear day in the 70's, and we saw a Great Blue Heron at our first stop on the Packer Brook, pickerel frogs and an unidentified species of fish (~3-4" long) at our third stop (a quiet, scenic wet meadow/marsh area), and native Joe Pye Weed and Cardinal Flower at our last stop (among other flora).  Great rewards!

All photos by NHDES Habitat Restoration Coordinator Kevin Lucey (missing from photos), who volunteered his time for sampling assistance.  Also missing from photos, hydrologist and WRWC volunteer Danna Truslow.

Volunteer Nate Hazen (Greenland) performs an initial conductivity meter check at the first stop of the morning -- 03-PBG, Packer Brook in Greenland (refer to Sampling Locations map in right-hand column of this blog).

View of our second stop, this time on the Winnicut itself, just upstream from the former dam in Greenland (02-WNC on the Sampling Locations map). 

At the third site, also on the main stem of the Winnicut in Greenland (05-WNC), NHDES Coastal Program intern Andy Gould reviews sampling protocols while volunteer Jean Vincent (North Hampton) works with volunteer Nate Hazen and the WRWC's project director, Jean Eno (far right).

We're not always busy sampling...sometimes we take breaks for clay treatment on our feet.

Looking downstream at site 05-WNC (pretty shallow!)

At the last site (11-WNC), Andy heads down to collect water from a nicely flowing section of the Winnicut.  This site is just off Winnicut Rd in North Hampton, right past Winnicut River Farm as you head east from the junction of Union Rd.

A different shot of 11-WNC.  Click on the picture (and then click again) to enlarge the view -- there's native Joe Pye Weed and Cardinal Flower in the foreground, and a small clump of Pickerelweed just right of center (past flowering).

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