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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WRWC Kick-off Event A Success!

More than 50 people from local communities, organizations and groups participated in the Winnicut River Watershed Coalition's first outreach event on Saturday, May 15, 2010.

While the wind tried hard to dampen spirits, it was an enjoyable, social afternoon with much networking.  Many thanks to the following exhibitors for participating in this successful first event:

Joshua Cline, NH Rivers Council

Amanda Nelson, Weeks Brick House

Jean Eno, Greenland Conservation Commission

NH DOT Stormwater Pollution Outreach Program

Great Bay Stewards

Cheri Patterson, NH Fish & Game

Rick Mauer & sons, and Barry Gendron, Boy Scout Troop 158

Artist Hal Kirby

Artist Anthony D'Allesandro

Greg Tillman, NH Audubon (riverwalk guide)

NH Coastal Protection Partnership

Eco Movement Consulting

Thanks to the following individuals for their contributions to our raffle, and congratulations to their winners:

Suds N' Soda Sports Outlet: rod & reel, $60 value - Anthony D'Allesandro

Photographer Ann Reid: photograph of "Horseshoe Crabs," $85 value - John Meyer

Artist Hal Kirby: pastel print of "Old Ironsides," $30 value - Gordon Hislop
                          pastel print of "Prescott Park Fountains," $40 value - Bill Bilodeau

Artist Anthony D'Allesandro: pastel print of "Marsh at Sunset," $90 value - Tim Farrell

Big thanks to the following individuals for their help, without which things would have been a lot more hectic:

Paul Eno - parking, and pre/post grunt work

Tim Farrell & Friends - grilling, food delivery

Chip Hussey -  post grunt work

Joshua Cline, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Rivers Council, addresses participants at the Winnicut River Watershed Coalition kick-off event held at the Weeks Brick House in Greenland, NH

An attentive crowd learns more about the New Hampshire Rivers Council's river protection initiatives and the newly formed Winnicut River Watershed Coalition

Cheri Patterson, Marine Biologist for NH Fish & Game, heads to the microphone

Colin Lawson (left), one of the event's coordinators, and exhibitor Hal Kirby

Maps detailing the Winnicut River watershed's boundaries and problems related to high impervious surface cover, water contaminants, and other land use-related  issues (maps courtesy of Jennifer Holton, Streamscape Environmental) 

Ron Crickard from the NH DOT Stormwater Pollution Outreach Program demonstrates how easy it is for polluted runoff to infiltrate freshwater bodies such as rivers, ponds and lakes

Local Boy Scout members assist in the demonstration of how various contaminants can enter local water resources beginning with precipitous events such as rain storms
Laurel Kenna from NH DOT explains why "pulling a plug" for draining contaminants from water bodies isn't so easy in the real world
Amanda Nelson, President of the Weeks Brick House Association, speaks with local community members

A perfect day for making connections and recruiting members!

Let the grilling begin!

River health and protection is for everyone!

Event guests help themselves to burgers and dogs (provided by Joe's Meat Shoppe in No. Hampton, NH), potato and pasta salads (provided by Mizuna's in Greenland, NH) and confections (provided by Sweet Dreams Bakery in Stratham)--all part of a complimentary BBQ!

One of the many free t-shirts given away by Suds N Soda Sports Outlet and Grocery!

Many folks were introduced to "zero waste" composting and recycling efforts. All products used for the event's lunch were either 100% compostable (yellow barrel: plates, cups, napkins and paper towels), durable (gray tub: donated silverware, grilling and serving utensils), or "single-stream" recyclable (blue barrel: 1-7 plastics, paper bags & newspapers, cans and glass bottles)

!00% Compostable waste (left) versus single-stream recyclable waste (middle) versus landfill-oriented trash (right, and only because food solids, aka ketchup, mustard and mayo, made their way into a bag full of empty charcoal paper bags....)

Entrance to Weeks Brick House trails off of Tide Mill Rd., Greenland, NH

Hardwoods include American Beech, Shagbark Hickory, Red Oak, White Oak, and numerous maple and birch species.  The Marsh trail meanders through an old Eastern White Pine grove.

First tributary crossing from parking area is met with a nice footbridge!

An event guest walks through a section of the Hardwood trail

A typical view of the Winnicut River as it meanders past several portions of the WBH trails 

One of several tributaries that flow from upland areas to the Winnicut River.  In turn, the Winnicut River flows north to Great Bay, and Great Bay flows out to the Atlantic Ocean! 

Many thanks to the kick-off event's planning committee:

Joshua Cline
Jean Eno
Colin Lawson
Jill Scahill

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